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Netflix Goes BRAZILIAN!

Do you remember my previous post about NETFLIX and how amazing year we all are going to have in terms of TV SERIES? Well, Netflix just raised the bar by announcing the first-ever Brazilian original series that will launch sooner than you expect!


Credits to @CoisaMaisLinda

“Coisa Mais Linda” or “the Most Beautiful Thing” as the English-speaking world would say, will be the first-ever Brazilian Netflix original Series that will air on March 22, 2019!

AODHE4279 - Copy

Credits to @CoisaMaisLinda

What do we know so far about the Series: Rio de Janeiro, 1959. After her husband disappears, meek Maria Luiza turns his property into a Bossa Nova club and begins to come into her own as an independent woman. The TV Series will cover a lot of social issues in Brazil alongside with some typical Brazilian music and dances! You can watch the trailer here.

Make sure to Follow Coisa Mais Linda on Instagram for the latest updates.

Who else is excited to see the Brazilian debut on Netflix? Finally, it’s time to practice your Portuguese!

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