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Breakfast in Lisbon

Are you a morning person like me? Do you plan to visit the Portuguese capital sometime soon? Do you enjoy fancy design, calm music, best kind of coffee, fluffy pancakes and amazing people? Then you should thank me later!


Every early-bird will agree with me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I decided to use my chance to discover most of the breakfast/lunch places in Lisbon during my one year stay there. I started my observation on Lisbon’s cafes in 2016 and finally made up my mind in 2018 while living my happy life there. Meanwhile, a lot of coffee shops closed, some new ones opened, some disappointed me too much, but at least half of them made me happy. I decided to make a challenge “a new place a week” and despite a lot of disappointments, when I could simply go to Copenhagen Coffee Lab (for example) and enjoy the decent atmosphere there, I am still proud that I did not give up on trying new places every week.

It’s not a surprise that my favourite neighbourhoods turned out to be Estrela, São Bento and Campo de Ourique, which have far too many cosy and delicious breakfast cafés, and a cherry on top of a cake: they are not so touristic and overcrowded as the Downtown.

Here’s the list of my top 5 Cafés in Lisbon:

1. Amélia

Amélia is hands down my favourite spot in Lisbon and one of my favourites all around the world. Even though it’s in one of the calmest and fanciest neighbourhoods in Lisbon, they still have a lot of tourists and queues going on. During the weekend you might need about 1 hour until you get your seat, but trust me, it’s worth it. Starting from the interior design, ending with the open terrace backyards, Amélia offers you a lot of variety of Breakfast must-haves, with an unusual Pink Hummus or Açaí smoothies on top of it.

image4 (3)

Rua Ferreira Borges 101, Lisbon

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2. Dear Breakfast

The name already gives you high expectations. The minimalist designed interior with some Bossa Nova and heavenly delicious coffee is a great start of the day. You should keep in mind, that especially during weekends, Dear Breakfast is super busy and you might need at least 30 minutes to be in a live queue. Being Georgian, this “live queue” thing was extremely weird to me, but after a while, I got so used to it that now I even miss it.


Rua Gaivotas 17, Lisbon

image3 (4)

3. Early Birds Lisbon

While walking around S. Bento on a sunny Sunday morning I came across with The Early Birds Lisbon, where they received me with the warmest welcome ever. Since then it became my second home because I decided to try every breakfast/brunch options they had! Early Birds are probably the only place which I visited more than 5 times in a row. With the best Customer Service experience that I had so far in Lisbon, the fluffy pancakes made with a “secret recipe” are every food lover’s dream to find. They also have a kids’ room and a secret garden. Thank me later!


Rua nova da piedade 89, Lisbon

thumbnail (2)

4. Tease

As a huge Chai Latte geek, Tease was my personal paradise and plus they serve one of the best pancakes in town!

Tease has 2 branches in Lisbon: One at Cais do Sodré and the other (newly opened somewhere in late spring of 2018) on São Bento. The new branch is big enough to endure the number of people even during the weekends, so luckily you won’t have to be in the queue.

image5 (2)

Tease at Cais do Sodré, Rua de S. Paulo 160, Lisbon

image1 (7)

Tease at São Bento, Rua da Quintinha 70 B, Lisbon

5. Veganeats

One of the main reasons I always come back to Portugal is the people I’ve met there. Every time I visit Veganeats, it reminds me how much I love this country and how sweet a human being can be. Not to mention the most delicious vegan options they have there, the family-run small café is every chocolate cake lover’s dream place.


Rua Caaleiro da Oliveira 42, Lisbon


Share your go-to Breakfast spots in Lisbon & from all over the world with me on Instagram with a Hashtag #TheFedoraHat and I will repost my favourites!

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